My carrier as an electronic technician started in 1970 working for Radio Engineering Laboratories in Long Island City, New York. We manufactured Micro-Wave radio communication from beginning to end for Petagon, basically for the Vietnam war. I was trained to trouble shoot down to the component parts of any equipment that did not pass inspection.

Years later I moved to Portland, Maine where an opportunity arrived for me to add to the local business environment and pursue my dream...a Retail MUSIC STORE. The operation started small but paced faster and after 2 years an electronic lab was built in need for the musical equipment to be serviced.

Finally a tube amplified guitar amp, after years of R & D, it was designed and developed, first prototype was named DualFlex 60 followed by its brother DualFlex 100. It performed and sounded just like the two of the best worlds, American-Fender and English-Marshall. It was a very exciting project that took more than a few year to perfect. Unfortunately only a few were sold and its production stopped after a social personal problem surfaced.
After moving To Las Vegas I've serviced electronic components for SuperPawn stores, left the company after 5 years and serviced local musicians of Las Vegas as well as local Casinos, Sound Companies and Rental outfitters.

Here are my specialties: Tube, hybrids, solid-state, guitar & bass amps, powered and non-powered mixers, digital/analog recorders, power amps and rack mountable effects processors. Pretty much everything musicians, recording studios, casinos would use in their every day use.